Post-doctoral position at I2MC-Toulouse (France)

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juillet 2, 2020

Post-doctoral position at I2MC-Toulouse (France) : Theralymph : An innovative therapy for lymphedema

A postdoctoral position, with salary funded for three years is available in the team “Molecular regulations of (lymph)angiogenic growth factors in vascular diseases” of the Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases of Toulouse (team 13, I2MC/INSERM U1048) directed by Dr Barbara GARMY-SUSINI. The candidate will determine key regulators in a lymphatic unmet disease called lymphedema that affects more than 200 million people worldwide, to establish gene therapy based clinical trial starting in 2024. The work will be a part of the THERALYMPH Horizon 2020 program including 6 European countries, 1 Biotech and Toulouse Rangueil hospital (


We seek a highly motivated scientist that hold a PhD in biology, with a strong background in mice physiopathology and skills in cellular and molecular biology. Good track record, communication, technical and organizational skills are expected. 


The position is for 3 years, available immediately. The application should contain a motivation letter, CV and contact details of 2 referees. 


The candidate will investigate multiple therapy to restore the lymphatic function in lymphedematous limb after breast cancer surgery. The objectives will be to 1/describe the physiopathology of lymphedema 2/ To identify therapeutic targets for lymphedema, 3/ To validate therapeutic targets in preclinic models of lymphedema. This project will lead to a Phase I/II gene therapy clinical trial on patients who developed lymphedema after breast cancer using lentiflash vectors.

The Host Institute 

The Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (I2MC) of Toulouse is composed of 280 people including scientists, MD-PhD, engineers, technicians, students, postdocs and administrators. The research activity focuses on metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. The main feature of I2MC is the gathering of basic scientists together with clinicians working on metabolic risk factors (obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia) and their cardiovascular complications (thrombosis, atherosclerosis, cardiac and renal failure). The I2MC is equipped with the most recent technological tools and platforms including fully automated animal facility, flow cytometry platform, imaging platform, single cell sorting and next generation sequencing platform (

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Contact : Dr Barbara GARMY-SUSINI Tel. : +33(0) 5 31 22 40 87 ; Email :