Post-doctoral Position to study experimental secondary lymphedema

Written by loicb

February 2, 2023

GIGA-Cancer, LBTD, University of Liege, Belgium

A 2-years post-doctoral position is available now in the Agnès Noel’s lab group (starting in January 2023 or Spring 2023) at the GIGA-Cancer to work in the context of the TheraLymph Horizon 2020 project. 

Project: Lymphedema affects 20% of cancer patients and significantly reduces their quality of life. It is a multi-factorial disease characterized by lymphatic system dysfunction associated with fibrosis and immune infiltration. There is no pharmacological treatment. The aim of TheraLymph project is to perform an innovative gene therapy for lymphedema. The objective will be to validate identified therapeutic agents in different in vitro and in vivo models of lymphangiogenesis and lymphedema, and investigate their mechanisms of action.

The selected candidate will work under the supervision of Professor Agnes Noel and in close collaboration with the coordinator of the TheraLymph project, Barbara Garmy-Susini (Toulouse, France). 

Team: The LBTD has a recognized expertise in experimental cancer biology with a special emphasis on (lymph)angiogenesis and matrix remodeling. In the field of lymphangiogenesis, we have developed different in vitro and in vivo models of lymphangiogenesis, and discovered a new regulator (uPARAP) of lymphatic endothelial cell migration (Durré T et al, Nature Communication, 2018). 

The group belongs to the GIGA Institute at the University of Liège. GIGA is an interdisciplinary research center in biomedical sciences whose mission is advanced medical innovation. The institute encompasses more than 500 members with expertise in oncology, medical genomics, in silico medicine, neuroscience, infection/immunity, and cardiovascular sciences. GIGA is a recognized stimulating and collaborative environment for research, bringing together equipments and human resources. The researcher will have access to fully equipped and staffed core facilities (genomics, proteomics, imaging, flow cytometry, immunohistology, viral vectors, mouse and zebrafish facility and transgenics):

Requirement: The candidates must hold a PhD degree in relevant biomedical sciences (molecular, cell biology, immunology). We are seeking candidates with strong motivation and knowledge in cell/molecular biology, tissue remodeling, vascular biology. Able to work independently and in a team. Experience in handling mice is mandatory (FELASA certificate or equivalent). 

Contacts: Applications including a CV, letter of motivation and contact details of at least 2 referees, including their PhD supervisor should be sent to Agnès Noel: