Work Package 3 Context

Work package leader : Inserm 

Adipocyte dysfunction in lymphedema


Lymphedema is a disorder of the lymphatic vascular system characterized by impaired lymphatic return and swelling of the extremities by accumulation of adipose tissue in the arm. This objective will determine the impact of the adipocyte function on the lymphatic network.

Adipose tissue represents the body’s energy reservoir. It is the major source of metabolites. Adipose tissue lipolysis is an extremely controlled mechanism that delivers energy depending on tissues demand. In pathological conditions, adipocyte function can be modified. The absence of adipocyte lipolysis enzymes activity (ATGL and HSL) reduces fatty acid mobilization, leading to excessive adipose tissue depots. Our goal is to identify adipocyte lipolysis modifications in lymphedema and the effect of adipocytes secretome on the lymphatic function.

This WP will be driven by partner 1 (Inserm)  in association with partner 8 (CUNI) who is a recognize specialist in the adipose tissue metabolism. The role of identified adipocyte secreted molecules (protein or lipids) will be then investigated/validated by partners 6 (ULiege) and 2 (UnivHel) in WP5.

We are determined to find a treatment.