Work Package 4 Context

Work package leader : Université de Lausanne

Resolution of inflammation in lymphedema


Lymphedema is a chronic pathological condition associated with inflammation. Recent studies demonstrated that a subpopulation of Tcells (CD4+) play a crucial role in lymphedema. Here, we propose to analyze a local inflammatory signature compared to normal contro-lateral arm.

This WP aims to better characterize the lipid mediators involved in lymphedema to identify therapeutic targets. We will perform lipidomic profiling of arm liposuction from women with breast-cancer related lymphedema. We revealed a decreased in lipid mediators content in adipose tissue from mice model of lymphedema including PGF2α, 5-HETE, 8-HETE, 15-HETE, 9-HODE, 13-HODE that are derivatives of arachidonic acid (HETEs) and linoleic acid (HODEs) involved in the resolution of inflammation.

Partner 3 (UNIL) will study the role of resolvin identified by partner 1 (Inserm) in mice models of lymphatic dysfunction from partner 1, partner 2 (UnivHel) and partner 6 (ULiege).

We are determined to find a treatment.