Work Package 5 Context

Work package leader : LIEGE UNIVERSITE

Validation of therapeutic targets in vitro


The objective of WP5 will be to validate therapeutic targets identified by partners 1 (Inserm), 2 (UnivHel), 3 (UNIL), 4 (UU), 5 (DDUV), 6 (ULIEGE), 7 (CNRS) and 8 (CUNI) in vitro.

In this part of the project we are planning to perform a rapid screening of the best VEGFC partner using lentivectors to select 3-4 combinations for generating lentiflash vectors. The main objective will be to validate a synergistic effect with VEGFC on lymphatic endothelial function.

For the validation of lipid mediators involved in the resolution of inflammation, we will invalidate or over activate enzymes involved in their synthesis (LOX and COX).

The second objective of the WP5 will be to identify the effect of identified targets on selective markers of the lymphatic collecting network identified in WP2 by partner 3 (UNIL).

Then, we will determine the efficacy of the transit lentiflash vector transduction versus an integrative lentivector. The lentiflash technology is highly dependent of the half-life of the synthetized protein (from 3 to 7 days delivery).

We are determined to find a treatment.