Work Package 6 Context

Work package leader : UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI

Validation of therapeutic targets in vivo in mice model of lymphedema


WP6 will be the final step of preclinical study before human trial. 3 to 5 selected combinations validated in WP5 will be evaluated in vivo in 3 mouse models of lymphedema and a mouse model of induced lymphangiogenesis.

The first objective of this WP will be to evaluate the biodistribution of the lentiflash vector. Our goal is to inject lentiflash vectors the same way as are performed non-invasive imagery (fluoroscopy and lymphoscintigraphy) in patients: the injection will be performed intradermally on the top of the hand (mice’s paw) followed by a smooth massage that allows the delivery of the dye/vector in the lymphatic system of the arm.

Then, our second objective will be to identify the best combination to restore lymphatic function in both capillaries and collecting vessels based on the 3 to 5 molecules validated in WP5.

This part of the study will be the Flash Therapeutics pilot study (for pre-clinical study) and GMP Manufacturing (GMP-grade products). It will include specific analytic assays development and finally all the specific and standard GMP quality controls necessary for clinical trial.

We are determined to find a treatment.